8 vital tasks an Online Business Manager can take off your plate

Are you spending all of your time on day to day tasks in your business, at the expense of the things only you can do? An Online Business Manager creates space, takes things off your plate and is your ‘go to’ support, offering you a daily sigh of relief.

Here are eight tasks your OBM can take care of on your behalf:

1. Project Management
You’ve got the inspired idea, let someone else worry about managing the timeline, budget, team members, resources and action steps that bring that idea to life. When you’ve got multiple projects on the go it can be very easy to get sucked into organizing the details. Let go of the details, focus on your great ideas, and let an OBM worry about the project management.

2. Revenue Stream Management
Multiple sources of revenue are what keep an entrepreneur’s spirit (and bank account) alive. Only you can write the book, record the video, design the course, be the coach, etc. Do you really want to look after the production, the set-up, the technology, the launch and the customer service too?

3. List Building
In the world of online business your email list is your lifeline. A steady stream of new subscribers is crucial to ensuring your business continues to grow. Monitoring, maintaining, serving and most importantly implementing the strategies that build your list takes time and energy. Make sure this essential task is getting the attention it deserves, from someone other than you.

4. E-zine Broadcasts
Creating a great e-zine that builds your reputation as an expert, keeps you in touch with your customers and attracts new prospects requires devotion to several details. An OBM can ensure you have a professional template that is customized to your brand, that you stick to a consistent publication schedule and that an effective promotional plan is in place. All of this, in addition to formatting editing and hitting that send button.

5. Social Media
The power of social media to create business success increases daily. Keeping up effectively can feel daunting, leaving many entrepreneurs wondering 1. Why do I need to do this? and 2. How do I do it properly? If Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and all the rest have you feeling frustrated, enlist the help of an OBM to develop & implement a strategy that works.

6. Metrics
Do you have questions like these, but no answers? Is my email list growing? How many people are opening my newsletter? Was that last launch campaign successful? How did it compare to previous launches? Are my social media followers growing? Let your OBM keep track of your metrics and provide you with regular reports that chart your progress.

7. Team
Providing direction, answering questions and reviewing the work of your virtual assistant, website expert, graphic designer and copywriter eats up precious creative time. Not to mention the time it takes to find, interview and hire these types of service providers. Free yourself from these tasks and trust an OBM to do what they do best.

8. Research
Keeping an eye on your competitors, staying on top of industry trends and exploring new streams of revenue (i.e. speaking & joint venture opportunities) are all essential to staying relevant and growing your business – they are also time consuming activities, often pushed to the bottom of To Do lists. Research is just another way an Online Business Manager can lighten your load and move things forward.

Think of an Online Business Manager as your gatekeeper – let them filter out the things they can look after on your behalf, leaving you to focus on the tasks only you can do.

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