my business manager ‘bio’

i’ve been a full-time Certified Online Business Manager since 2011
i do what i do because i have a brain built for business & i love helping others be amazing
i have over 15 years experience as a top level manager
Kolbe score: 7 6 3 3
Strengths Finder results: Achiever, Focus, Analytical, Responsibility, Context
accountability is no joke with me
i am extremely reliable
i have in my possession a university degree and a college diploma
tasks lists & due dates make me happy
i have incredible stamina for hard work

on a personal note…

i am easily seduced by pretty things
i live to travel… 13 countries and counting
i am happiest at the beach
i’m pretty passionate about my Yoga practice… the hotter the better
my iPod contains every genre of music under the sun
i am loyal, loyal, loyal
black tea and red wine also make me happy
i meditate daily… well, almost daily
my favorite word is FABULOUS
½ marathons are my new thing
i spend my free time with an amazing organization that helps to lift people in Uganda out of extreme poverty with their own small business solutions

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