Could you benefit from working with an Online Business Manager?

You may be ready invite an online business manager (OBM) into your world if…

You are WAY busier than you want to be.
If you’re working longer hours and taking less vacation as a business owner than you ever did working for someone else it may be time to let an online business manager carry part of the load. A good OBM is focused on taking things off your plate and managing the details that eat up your time and add to your to do list. There will always be things in your business that only you can and should do, but why not free yourself from the many tasks that don’t require your specific expertise.

Things are slipping through the cracks.
There comes a point in every business where one person can no longer do it all – at least not well.

If you’re still trying to manage every aspect of your business from content creation to customer service there’s a good chance something’s getting missed. Don’t wait for a crisis sized mistake that’s difficult to recover from to occur. Imagine the sigh of relief you could breathe knowing someone else was looking after critical elements of the business on your behalf.

You’ve hit a revenue plateau.
If you’re like most entrepreneurs you’re an idea person. You’ve likely got a long wish list of plans for your business and a stack of ½ finished, almost ready for launch projects waiting for attention you don’t have time to give. Online business managers are all about implementation – our focus is turning your ideas and expertise into REVENUE. If you’re struggling to reach that pivotal ‘next level’ the support of an OBM could take you there.

Opportunity knocked and you couldn’t answer.
There’s no greater feeling for an entrepreneur than to be sought out by others. When you’ve created something people are asking for you know your hard work has paid off. But what happens when you’re too busy, too overwhelmed and stretched too thin to take advantage of the success you’ve created? What’s the point? The support of an online business manager ensures your success train is always moving forward.

You’ve lost touch with the dream.
Are you drowning in the day to day operations of your business? Are you spending too much of your time on things you don’t enjoy? Has working in your business become frustrating vs. fun? In order to keep the excitement and creativity of your dream alive you need to let go of the daily details and re-focus on the reason you started your business in the first place. What would your work day feel like if you could spend your time on the activities you truly enjoy?

The highly competitive world of online business moves quickly. A certified Online Business Manager may be just what you need to help you grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition.

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