Every once in awhile someone comes into your life that permanently changes it all. Since you have been in our world Dori you have become that person for me and Cyndi.

It started out as a good business decision to bring you on, then quickly became the smartest thing we have done. Now you are a staple in our lives, a great balancer in our thinking and just a flatout badass woman! You being here has been the key to freeing me up from the day to day so I can drive business and revenue. And you have synched so well with Cyndi. You 2 work so powerfully together, you move mountains! You support our team of Rockstars in ways they don’t even know.

And you do all of this with the greatest amount of humility and the smallest amount of misstep…You have changed our lives and our world as a result. I only hope we have a fraction of that impact on you!

Jim Padilla, CO-CEO at Gain The Edge

Dori is our business manager and my right hand. She confidently oversees our daily operations with attention to detail, loyal dedication and a keen eye on what’s best for the business.

Dori keeps myself and the team organized and on the right path. Her ability to move between high level strategic thinking and the smallest of operational details is an incredible asset.

Dori is quick witted, fun to work with and always professional. The business expertise she brings to the table is instrumental to our team and the future growth of the business.

Sabine Lenz, CEO at PaperSpecs

I’ve been working with Dori as my OBM closing in on a year now. She is my right hand. Having her attention to detail, attitude and support allows me to focus on growing the business, and serving our clients.

She puts up with my ever-growing new ideas and offerings, and helps me to focus. She manages me, my schedule, our agency project load, as well as coordinates the team and our clients.

I trust her to be client-facing, and to manage my team. She is always positive, efficient, effective, straight-forward and future-focused. Together, we strategize and get clear on the ideas, and she converts all the ideation and insights into actionable tactical plans. I look forward to having her on my team for a long time to come.

Kerri Konik, CEO at Brandscape Atelier

I contracted with Dori in the capacity of Online Business Manager for my business Social Sage PR. We partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and teams to rethink their approach to Social Media and PR.

Dori jumped right in and took so many responsibilities off my plate and allowed me time to focus on growing my business. In no time she was managing the team, managing the moving pieces, and helping me strategize for growth.

What I love about Dori most is her level of commitment, she treats my business as if it was her own and is invested in the results for me and my clients. I could not be happier.

Donna Cravotta, CEO at Social Sage PR

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