As your VP of Everything I take your business very seriously. With your vision top of mind I dive into all aspects, both client facing and behind the scenes, to ensure things run smoothly and in the right direction. I am all about the details and getting things DONE.

Very simply you can expect the following results when we work together…

1. I will protect you from all the things that should no longer be on the CEO’s plate.

2. I will make sure things get done. Not half done. Not almost done. Done – start to finish.

3. I will make sure we stay on track & remain focused on the things that serve your vision.

More specifically…

•    turning a business owner’s vision into a strategic plan, mapped out into aggressive, but achievable initiatives ~ done! relentlessly pursuing the implementation of those initiatives ~ done & done!

project management
•    understanding the desired outcome, identifying the appropriate tasks, aligning the team for execution, managing timelines & budgets ~ this is my bliss!

•    efficient daily operations = review, streamline, automate, repeat ~ can’t get enough!

•    supporting the talented individuals whose collective efforts move a business forward ~ love it!

If baring the soul of your business, and all its fun little secrets, is a no go for you, we might not be a fit. But if you’re looking for a rock star manager to dig in deep and co-pilot your entrepreneurial journey – let’s connect!

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